* you want some?..cum get some!! IM me

I go by the name of Izmael
I will try anything once.
I love to write.
I like to workout.
I don’t have brother =(
I take incredibly to long to get ready.
I am often late for things.
I am deathly afraid of porcelain dolls.
I enjoy playing the "Your Team" game.
I tend to drink myself silly.
I am honest.
I am also tricky.
I like boys & I like girls.
I sometimes get red ears.
I sometimes act like a chipmunk.
I love Oranges.
I hate broad bean.
I have lots of underwear but rarely wear any.
I am a Student =) XD.
I despise the Bush Administration.
I have beautifull penmanship.
I love my friends.
I love my home.
I enjoy volleyball.
I am worried about the environment.
I enjoy photography.
I like to paint.
I am NOT a religious person.
I love to eat.
I am an Adult Entertainer.
I am known to a select few by the name Mayito.
I like classic cars.
I don’t care for video games.
I don’t watch television.
I like to organize.
I would like a model.
I believe music is life.
I might have O.C.D.
I prefer Mac’s to PC’s.
I have lived in one place.
I like earth tones.
I love fashion.
I don’t like tattoos.
I have an oddly small tongue.
I enjoy making things.
I really like shoes.
I don’t appreciate drama.
I love art.
I really like scary movies.
I like pretty much anybody who likes me.




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